Materials for Healthy Living Environments

straw-based panels for use in stylish, environmentally sound architecture and interior design and décor. 

We turn top-quality wheat straw into solid and healthy building materials and furniture that meet, and exceed, international toxic emissions and safety standards

We offer trustworthy solutions to millions of families who want to make sure their children grow up in a poison-free environment.

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Safety, International Standards & Guarantees

Making products for a healthy, environmentally sound future

In 2009, Novofibre produced the world’s first Oriented Structural Straw Board (OSSB) using only high-quality straw fibre and formaldehyde-free p-MDI adhesive.

Novofibre OSSB panels embody the highest quality in construction safety and environmental certification – as attested to by the accreditations Novofibre has earned in nearly every major market in the world.

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Sustainable, Revolutionary Technology

Green solution for construction, interior design and décor 

Using cutting edge European manufacturing technologies, Novofibre puts the well-known benefits of straw to use for modern interior design and decoration including: lightness and strength; heat storage and insulation; malleability; acoustics and noise protection, as well as flame retardation.

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A revolutionary product for healthy living

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