Product Features

  • Superior workability: does not break when cut, easy trimming and exceptional bending properties
  • Healthy: zero-emission formaldehyde-free adhesives and no noxious smells
  • Moisture resistance and high durability
  • Better water resistance than traditional wood-based board
  • Excellent nail-holding capacity on all sides
  • Perfect abrasive resistance
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance

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Conversion and reconstruction of a listed barn into a city library

Location: Laufen, near Basel, Switzerland
Application: Book-shelfs, writing tables, desks, filing shelves
Products: NOVO DECO

The interior design concept followed a clear architecture, material and color ambition: select and use only natural and sustainable materials with a material-dependend look & feel (e.g. colors, surfaces...).

Furthermore it was also important that the natural material has some bearing on the first use of the agricultural barn. Against this background it is perfectly consistent to use Novofibre straw boards for different interior applications. The straw boards fits very well into the complete concept of architecture. All library furniture (e.g. book-shelfs, writing tables, desks, filing shelves) are built with Novofibre deco panels. The surfaces are untreated, because the architects and designers want to show the natural color, the smooth surface and haptic perception of raw straw boards. Only the front of the office furniture were oiled. Functioning parts and depositions of all furniture were made from galvanized sheet steel. Because the silver-grey color of sheet steel harmonized perfectly with the gold-yellow color of Novofibre deco panels.

Images: Copyright C.I. & doppler and saner, Swiss


Location: Tianjin, China
Application: Shelves, Ceiling, Partition
Products: NOVO DECO

Natural living Apartment Interior Design

Location: Fuzhou, China
Application: Furniture, Interior decoration
Products: NOVO HOME uv

China Architecture Design and Research Group

Location: Beijing, China
Application: Door, Interior wall
Products: NOVO DECO

Beijing Wetlands Club

Location: Beijing, China
Application: Floor, Walls

Teikyo University Elementary School

Location: Tokyo, Japan
Application: Ceiling, Wall, Shelves

Guang Cai Hotpot Restaurant

Location: Shanghai, China
Application: Furniture
Products: NOVO DECO

Ms.Man's Architectural Design Firm

Location: Shanghai, China
Application: Office space
Products: NOVO DECO

Arredo home furniture

Location: Suzhou, China

ChengDu hydroelectric Institute

Location: ChengDu, SiChuan
Application: Interior walls, flooring

ChengDu hydroelectric Institute, to use Novofbre Acoustic panel, for the purpose of sound insulation and cut with high quality of interior decoration.

Kindergarten Yangling

Location: Yangling,Xi’an
Application: Interior walls, flooring

Low carbon and healthy kindergarten, in Yangling, totaling 2862 square meters, for 360 children to study and enjoy their time.

Kingsway Tented Resort

Location: Yunnan, China
Application: Furniture and Interior Decoration

"It was a fantastic experience staying in that 76-square-meter tented suite. You can find everything you need inside the tent while enjoying the unique views outside. This is a place where you feel you can pluck a star by just raising your hand. In particular, the interior design with straw surface gives you a feeling that this dwelling is just an integral part of the marvelous natural scenery around you."

Tourist – Wang Haixing

At the height of 3,500 meters above sea level, Kingsway Tented Resort is located at Kingsway Grassland of Yunnan, the biggest national park of China and one of the six sightseeing zones of the national park. It is called “grassland in the air” and “the last clean land of Lijiang”. With less than 5 kilometers distance to the popular Laojunshan sightseeing zone, Tented Resort is at the center of Kingsway grassland and covers 50 acres.

CCTV-2 Swap Home Program

Location: Beijing, China
Application: Furniture and Interior Decoration
Products: NOVO DECO

"The designer redecorated my home with pure straw-surfaced materials, creating a pure, natural, fresh and clean space where I can enjoy the experience of staying close to the nature. Indeed Novofibre has made a dream come true for me."

Sang Dan, owner of the renovated home

The home owner expected that his living room and dining room could be renovated into a natural and functional space so he can work and live in green and eco-friendly environment. His dream became true in the hands of Sun Dayong, the star designer of Swap Home Program, a TV show premiering at CCTV-2 on Oct. 18, 2014.

Beijing No.4 High School

Location: Beijing, China
Application: Furniture and Interior Decoration
Products: NOVO DECO

"By using environment-friendly panels to make the lockers and furniture we make sure there’s no repercussion on the health of the children and we can live up to the expectations of their parents."

Zhang Yujin, Principal

With 54,414 square meters construction size, Beijing No.4 High School is built as a flowing structure between two gardens. It has one floor underground and six floors above the ground, including teaching buildings and dormitories.

Fangcaodi Primary School

Location: Beijing, China
Application: Interior Decoration
Products: NOVO HOME uv and NOVO HOME laminate and NOVO HOME veneer

"The faculty and parents of students were so obsessed about indoor air quality, so we had to find a material which is clean and at the same time looks good. Novofibre’s OSSB panels saved us. We were able to complete the interior decoration of the school on time and pass the air quality check smoothly."

Wang Xiaohua, interior decoration contractor

Built in 1959, Fangcaodi Primary School is an international middle school. In 1973, with the guidance of Premier Zhou, it started to admit diplomat’s kids and foreign students, as more countries established diplomatic relationship with China. In the past fifty years, Fangcaodi Primary School has been a well-known middle school in Beijing for its excellent education fame.

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