Our vision

We aim to make NOVOFIBRE the top producer of next-generation engineered panels. We are dedicated to:

Improving the quality of life for individuals all over the world

Protecting the environment and landscape in NOVOFIBRE´s regions of production.

Our mission

As the first OSSB manufacturer in the world, we aim to be the undisputed premium brand representing a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. To achieve this, we rely on the daily efforts of highly motivated, professional teams who strive to fulfill our customers’ expectations.

We treat each other respectfully as colleagues; have an open and honest communication style; and share all relevant information, thus contributing to the overall success of our company. Ongoing training and personnel development for each employee is part of our company culture. 

We are profit and customer oriented so that we can remain the shaper of the industry. We maintain an uncompromising devotion to technological development and innovation, as well as a dedication to our customers. 

We take our corporate social responsibility seriously along with being a protector of the environmental. We are always striving for a better tomorrow. 

Novofibre History

Novofibre is currently in the third phase of a three-part corporate evolution strategy consisting of concept development and pilot launch, product testing, accreditation and refinement, and finally, product expansion into the commercial market.

2007 -2010

Concept Development and Application

Drawing on patents for OSSB panels and straw-splitting technologies from ARC (Alberta Research Council), an OSSB manufacturing and pilot plant concept were successively conceived and agreed upon. Yangling, Shaanxi was chosen as the pilot location because of the region’s twin function as a granary of Chinese wheat cultivation and renowned center of agricultural research and technology. Between 2007-2010, Novofibre’s team of engineers further developed and refined the manufacturing technology needed to produce OSSB panels that could compete in every way with wood fiber panels (OSB). Soft opening of the brand-new Yangling plant began in late 2009/early 2010.  

2010- 2014

From Laboratory to Large-Scale Production

From 2010 onward, Novofibre has focused on developing and perfecting the OSSB panel manufacturing process. Production was brought from laboratory to commercial level, while samples of the various production stages were continuously tested and refined, taking into account both marketplace reactions and key customer feedback – on a national as well as international scale. During this time, Novofibre has also attained numerous international certificates for product quality and environmental safety (CE, ISO, F★★★★, GECA, and CARB, for example).

since 2014

Scaling up and Making Healthy Living Accessiblefor Everyone

As of 2014, Novofibre launched its “Healthy Living” concept based around the company’s now comprehensive range of product families: Base Panels, Deco Panels and NovoSeries. This concept was developed with the aim to improve the quality of life for individuals all over the world. Currently, Novofibre has established sales and marketing channels in China and in select international markets, such as Australia, Japan and Europe. Novofibre is now positioned to expand its production and market base, while making safe and healthy products readily and affordably available to consumers.

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