A Commitment to Health

Products for healthy living spaces

"Creating healthy spaces"

Novofibre was founded in 2007 with the vision to "create healthy spaces". We are committed to researching and developing the next generation of sustainable construction and design products using 100% high quality natural straw and formaldehyde-free adhesives. The revolutionary technology that transforms soft straw into solid, high-quality building and surfacing panels, also allows our customers the freedom to create stylish spaces with the peace of mind that comes from knowing they are creating healthy spaces too.  

The world's first straw board (OSSB) creators

After several years of research and testing, Novofibre brought the world’s first OSSB straw panel to market in October 2009. Novofibre are made in our 诺菲博Seoul Yangling factory, using European manufacturing technology and 400 years of accumulated wheat straw cultivation from Yangling, Xi'an.

Novofibre OSSB straw boards are made of 100% premium quality natural wheat straw, and heat pressed using formaldehyde-free and low VOC (Volatile Organize Compounds) adhesives. 

Our panels compare with, and often exceed, traditional wood fiber building panels in terms of: structural strength, load bearing capacity, machining performance and earthquake resilience. 

Novofibre panels meet and exceed the strictest internationally recognized environmental guidelines for formaldehyde emissions outlined by the Japan F4 Star Standards.

Healthy home decoration solutions

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