Sustainable Development

NOVOFIBRE panels are made of a natural waste material, which is normally either burnt or ploughed under. By turning it into a valuable building material, our company contributes to the green economy enterprise concept, a low-carbon world and sustainable development.

Novofibre’s revolutionary technology converts crop waste straw into high-quality, valuable building timber and decorative paneling, while promoting a healthy home life, and sustainable, environmentally friendly manufacturing processes.

Industry Innovation

Reduction of deforestation (most wood is used for the construction industry)

The implementation of Novofibre technology throughout the construction and design industry would revolutionize the building sector by resolving issues around raw wood shortages and while pioneering more efficient utilization of natural resources. 

Ecological solution and supporting to farmers

Novofibre OSSB Straw panels uses straw as raw material instead of wood. Each cubic meter of OSSB panel requires 0.8 tons of straw. This eliminates the need for tree harvest, conserves forest resources, while also supplementing farmer’s incomes and reducing pollution from straw burning. 

Protect forest resources

By using one Novofibre panel with 18mm thickness, we protect a tree 2m tall and 25cm in diameter !  Furthermore, let’s calculation as follow : 

Create a healthy home for the next generation

  • Novofibre products contribute to a safe living environment and an atmosphere of well-being. We use no harmful chemicals or formaldehyde adhesive, preserving from noxious smells, headaches or uneasiness
  • Novofibre offers solutions to families and organizations seeking healthy built environments that don’t sacrifice style or damage eco-systems. We offer trustworthy solutions to millions of families who want to make sure their children grow up in a poison-free environment.
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