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Dutch Design “Sustainer” Homes

December 21st, 2015

As populations of large cities grow, issues surrounding affordable housing, sustainable development, and urban space planning grow in kind, often with low-income families, the elderly and young adults shouldering the bulk of the burden. The city of Amsterdam is no exception, which is why Dutch start-up “Sustainer Homes” has launched the world’s first fully off-grid, customizable, sustainable container home. 

The concept of sustainable development and environmental safety was taken seriously in every detail, which is why Sustainer Homes’ development team chose to use Novofibre OSSB panels extensively throughout the homes. Novofibre’s stylish wheat straw boards not only give the homes a natural aesthetic appeal, they also provide excellent thermal insulation, allowing energy consumption can be greatly reduced. 

The energy for all Sustainer Homes is supplied through a mixture of solar panels and wind turbines. The two energy sources combines can generate about 5,000KwH of electricity a year, enough to ensure a year-round supply. Other technologies, such as rainwater collection and waster water recycling enable the homes to completely, comfortably—and fashionably—meet the needs of their occupants. At only 75,000 euros (about 530,000 yuan), the cost for a Sustainer Home is a large city is significantly less than traditional city dwellings.

Sustainer Homes is co-founded by two sociologists, a sustainable architect and an environmental engineer. Sustainer Homes will begin mass production of residential containers to be sold in the Netherlands in 2016.

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