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Novofibre OSSB panels for an eco-friendly cabin — An Interview with the Weilan Club in Hanshiqiao Wetland,Bejing

January 4th, 2016

The interview goes in depth about the environmentally friendly construction of the Weilan club with the founder and owner, as they talk about use Novofibre’s panels. The interview takes place in Beijing in January of 2016

Project brief

The Hanshiqiao Wetlands Natural Reserve is hidden in the eastern plains of Beijing. As the exclusive reed swamp wetland in Beijing, it covers 1900 hectares and offers a place to host business dinners and entertainment foran upper-class demographic.

The‘Weilan Club’is constructed mainly from two recyclable materials, it locates in the Hangshiqiao Wetlands Reserve in the Shunyi District of Beijing. The outer structure consists of five recycled shipping containers that were spliced and then joined together, while the interior uses Novofibre OSSB panels. The abbreviated name for the club is “Weilan” and the Chinese characters for the club have a double meaning, which aligns with their philosophy of protecting biodiversity andthe environment. As a result, they are also often referred to as the "Fish Loving Club".This philosophy is not only reflected in the literal sense, but also permeates all aspects of the club’s operations. 


Novofibre recently went to visit ‘Weilan club’, which was established 5 years ago, and spoke with club founder Mr. Zhang Jinglei. He spoke glowingly about his ability to imagine beautiful scenes of spring blossoms, reeds amongst water, and birds in sky while he was in the club due to the natural and beautiful interior of the club. Once again, this imagery speaks to the club’s idea of environmental appreciation and preservation. At the very beginning of the design process, Hong Kong designer Mr. Wang Zhaoming proposed using recycled shipping containers and wheat straw panels(OSSB) to build the cottage clubhouse. The idea of using pure natural wheat straw coincided well with the club’s morals of environmental and ecological protection, which is why Novofibre OSSB panels were selected in constructing an eco-friendly structure.

Once setting foot inside, visitors can see the sunlight seeping into the clubhouse, reflecting and diffusing on the golden floors making the interior glow with warmth. The floors, walls, and even bar counters were all constructed using wheat-straw boards. The atmosphere of wheat fields quickly makes visitors forget about the chilly Beijing winter. One can also take a deep breath, as the wheat-straw boards exude a delicate and elegant aroma of wheat fields, luring you into their sense of calm. This is example of how the wheat-straw boards can be used extensively and in multiple ways to bring a distinctly fresh and simple texture, an alluring fragrance, and a healthy piece of mind, as the panels also emit no formaldehyde.

The sustainable development of The Weilan Club is not only confined to its architecture. The club also features “native and seasonal” meals, as most of the food served at the club is native to the wetland and or planted, grown, and harvested there. In addition, plastic bottled beverages and dispensable goods are strictly prohibited. Fishing is also done on the basis of conversing biological diversity, and a Catch & Release policy is one of the most important rules of membership. In order to spread knowledge and awareness for ecological and environmental preservation, the club regularly holds ecological activities available to the public.

NOVOFIBRE produces healthy, formaldehyde-free and sustainable environmental materials from high-quality wheat-straw, which can be used to replace wood and composite building materials. Its versatility allows it to be widely used in areas such as construction, flooring, furniture design, and interior décor.

Novofibre openly invites anyone who is interested in environmentalism to the Wielan Club to enjoy the pleasant wetland ecosystem and experience the eco-friendly and healthy space created by NOVOFIBRE wheat-straw panels. We hope you will also find yourself in fields of wheat and rye, listening to the ambient song of frogs and birds in an environmentally pleasant scene filled with nature’s delicacies.

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