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A Seminar on Parenthood — Decorating a healthy Child’s Room to Foster Creativity

January 11th, 2016

The world famous holistic educator, Maria Montessori once said that “the environment affects children’s integral development as well as their brain development” -- How do we prepare a room for a child to be the most favorable and conducive for growth? This question is a child rearing puzzle for many parents who want the best for their children.

On January 10, 2016, Novofibre invited an expert on childhood creativity, Mr. Lu Jianhua, to hold a seminar on the “cultivation of a child’s creativity through the decoration of a child’s room”. The seminar took place at the Beijing Jiaming Center and many parents were attracted to the event.

Mr. Lu Jianhua is the founder of the “Tasun Art Gallery” for children’s creative thinking. He has a wealth of experience in designing spaces for children that cultivate their creativity. He stated briefly in the seminar that a child’s room should be a space for “playing, sleeping, collecting, scribbling and privacy”. The design of a child’s room should not only guarantee a child’s growth in a healthy physiological environment, but also adjust to the varying demands children must go through at the different stages of their growth (in terms of their mind and body). Mr. Lu Jianhua delivered a vivid and interesting lecture through in depth case studies, and was therefore able to leave a lasting impression on all of those who attended the seminar.

NOVOFIBRE, as an environmental building materials manufacturer, produces high quality formaldehyde-free OSSB panels. This provides a reliable and safe solution for parents concerned with providing a healthy and harmless environment for their children to grow. NOVOFIBRE’s OSSBproducts can be used for interior decoration, flooring, furniture construction, and other purposes necessary in creating a healthy and sustainable environment for children to live, grow, and learn in.

Through the seminar, Novofibre was able to raise awareness for the importance of a healthy and creative environment on a child’s growth. This includes having a healthy and secure space to foster a child’s creative thinking ability. Novofibre hopes parents will be able to take this knowledge home with them and build a room for their child that is conducive to physical and psychological health, while also cultivating their child’s creativity with NOVOFIBRE’s formaldehyde-free OSSB panels.

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