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Engineering Showcase — Ogilvy Group’s Beijing Office Renovation Project

February 1st, 2016

Ogilvy Group Beijing office renovation projectwas officially completed in December of 2015, it was carried out ‘Robards Space’- a renowned architecture, interior design and engineering firm. The design features an "interactive office" style, witha touch of Ogilvy’s cultural essence - "Respect for knowledge and creativity."

"Without creativity, life is doomedby deficiency”–Based on this concept, the design team selected Novofibre’s OSSB products, as they offered an innovative office solution, to create a healthy, environmentally friendly, and natural office space for Ogilvy Beijing staff.

The renovation project allowed the corporate culture and philosophy to be reflected to a large degree by the interior design, which enhances the company's corporate vitality and helps stimulate inspiration at work. A youthful and more mysteriously beautiful décor gives a fashionable sense to the working environment. It was designed to be a flexible, comfortable, and multicultural environment that also stimulates creativityin a space that floats between traditional and modern styles.

The design of “O Café” offers staff a pleasant way to enjoy their time at the office, which is more conducive to creative nourishment. The Ogilvy Beijing officehas 8 distinct cafés, each with their own unique color. For example, the 9th floor is recognized by an Ogilvy sign in red. The red color represents a fully mobilized staff with passionate creative personalities. The 11th floor features a blue and white space similar to Chinese porcelain, which is both elegant and generous. In each floor, the differing colors are paired with white and are complemented by the Novofibre’ OSSB panels. The natural straw textures with a soft golden sheen emits a feeling of being among actual fields of straw. In essence, the natural and unique color schemes with golden textures of strawcreate an inspiring environment that inspires creativity and imagination.

The most visually astounding display of the beauty of Novofibre’s OSSB panelscan be seen in their use to showcase artistic paintings in the "O Space Gallery". Beautiful ecological straw textures blend with rustic cement walls and natural cobblestone to create an aesthetic beauty that brings us back to nature.

The use of Novofibre panels in the Ogilvy Beijing office makes for an innovative office space thatnot only excites us with nature and imagination, but also provides the employees with a healthy working environment. The dream for a healthy living space was realized with the formaldehyde-free feature of Novofibre’s OSSB panels.The OSSB characteristics make them easy to both process and shape, giving designers both flexibility and inspiration in their work, and these features also acts as an open call to new design groups to stretch the boundaries of the medium.

In recent years, enterprises have become more conscious ofcreating a low-carbon office space that is environmentally friendly.In addition, employee health is equally important. As a result, Novofibre’sinnovative OSSBpanels will offer future companies the chance to create environmentally friendly and healthy office spaces.

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