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Innovative design from Germany — Revived Beauty: Researching aesthetic pleasure in materials to valorize waste in design

March 14th, 2016

Novofibre Germany/Europe has provided a research project with straw panels and technical support, worked with Mrs Marietta Sauerwein . Novofibre congratulates Marietta Sauerwein for her successful master thesis and graduation exhibition.

“For my graduation project, I studied the aesthetic appearance of eco-friendly materials to encourage designers to use such materials. These are materials obtained from discarded raw materials, which can be described as materials that were unprocessed or left behind from production projects or landscape maintenance. Aesthetic pleasure in these revived materials were explored by studying the inter-sensorial relation between vision and touch. A visual expectation always exists when experiencing a new material. When experiencing the new material for the first time, one either complements or contradicts their visual expectation. Based on this principle several materials were manipulated and tested.”Mrs Marietta Sauerwein said.


Graduation project from Mrs Marietta Sauerwein:

University for Technology TU Delft, The Netherlands | Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at the TU Delft.

Novofibre is interested in projects based on the use of innovative materials(e.g. new renewable resources and agricultural by-products or other bio based 'waste products').


Contact: (Europe, Russia)

       (China, Asia Pacific, U.S.) 

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