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“Wall of Love” Activity by Novofibre for Mothers-to-be

June 19th, 2016

In late June Novofibre wrapped up its interactive activity, “Building a Wall of Love for family members.” The activity played a big role in popularizing the knowledge of safer home decorations and providing healthy housing and accommodation concepts that really struck a chord with mothers-to-be in particular.

Indoor air pollution is astoundingly harmful to the human body. Lately, in May 2016, China Science Daily published two articles on indoor air pollution and children’s health, highlighting formaldehyde, the No. 1 hidden killer. According to the report, current research shows that indoor air pollution, particularly formaldehyde, will somewhat restrain children’s humoral immunity and cellular immunity, and that the excessive amount of formaldehyde will affect children’s hemopoietic organs more severely than adults. Medical specialists point out that the World Health Organization identified formaldehyde and benzene as strong cancerogenic substances that should be avoided earnestly and that people should move away from them bit by bit. Creating a healthy furnishing and accommodation environment to ensure family members’ physical health is the focal point of public discussions, it is the essential of Novofibre's marketing campaign.

Furthermore, clean indoor air is particularly crucial during pregnancy: a pregnant woman’s respiratory volume is much higher than her own demand due to embryonic development. Formaldehyde, benzene and other indoor air pollutants that are breathed in and enter the blood will, apart from harming the pregnant woman’s health, materially interrupt normal fetal growth and even result in fetal malformation, spontaneous abortion, congenital defects and other problems. Families with children should be even more mindful: Due to immature body development, children have a low immunity. Moreover, their respiratory volume is 50% higher than that of adults per weight ratio, therefore becoming more vulnerable to formaldehyde, benzene and other indoor air pollutants.       

During the activity, Novofibre designed an interactive game called ‘Baby Shop for Healthy Indoor Air Quality’. In the ‘shop’, a peculiar commodity, ‘healthy air’, was for sale: mothers-to-be could purchase ‘healthy air’ online and send a message to the upcoming babies on the obtained air cans. By participating in the interactive game, mothers-to-be could learn about the importance of healthy air in a recreational manner.

You would purchase healthy milk powder from overseas to feed your baby with reassurance,

You would choose all-cotton clothes to take good care of their tender skin,

You would enrich your parenting experience by blessing them with a scientific growth pattern,

What you also urgently need is Novofibre OSSB,

so as to create a formaldehyde-free safe living environment for them……

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