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Novofibre Formaldehyde-free OSSB, a Massive Hit at CBD Fair

July 18th, 2016

China (Guangzhou) International Building Decoration Fair (CBD Fair) was held from July 8th to the 11th. Known as ‘Asia’s foremost building materials exhibition’, CBD Fair has become the largest-scale building decoration exhibition with the most complete categories in Asia and even in the world. The national and world-class building materials suppliers got together at this unparalleled gathering which is held annually. At the Fair, Novofibre  introduced the concept of ‘extremely low-pollutant OSSB panels’, and a new definition of ‘formaldehyde-free emission panel boards’, which aroused extensive attention among visitors.

Novofibre OSSB products use all-natural wheat straws as raw materials as well as formaldehyde-free isocyanate functioning as adhesive. The product’s formaldehyde emission is as low as 0.02mg/L. Considering environmental standards regarding formaldehyde emission of artificial boards, the strictest standard yet formulated in the world is the Japan F4-star standard (≤0.3mg/L), the formaldehyde emission of Novofibre OSSB is only one fifteenth of that based on the F4-star standard.

The open design of the booth made Novofibre particularly striking at the Fair: The booth was built with OSSB fully displayed extensive product application in the form of wall decorations, floors, and furniture fabrications, while interpreting the ‘one-shop’ concept in an all-around manner.

The new trend of ‘one-shop home decoration’ advocates a harmonious overall style, and more importantly, guaranteeing a consistent home environmental protection standards by controlling purchasing environment-friendliness of decoration materials. Extensive applicability and high-standard environment-friendliness represent the enormous value of Novofibre OSSB in this field.

 “Changing the world starts with changing ourselves, and practicing environmental protection starts with home life”. Novofibre advocates and promotes a ‘healthy, environment-friendly and sustainable’ lifestyle. When Novofibre green products are applied to the housing construction, interior decoration and furniture fabrication, and in particular the children’s space, we will not only provide family members with a safe and environmentally friendly residence but also protect nature by utilizing discarded wheat straws and reducing tree felling.

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