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Novofibre shows its appeal at the Beijing Build+Décor Expo

March 26th, 2016

BEIJING, March 19, 2016 – The 23rd China (Beijing) International Building Decorations and Building Materials Exposition was held at the New China International Exhibition Center. It is the largest building materials expo in Northern China. Novofibre, the manufacturer of formaldehyde-free Oriented Structural Straw Board (OSSB) panels, brings our full-line products to the fair. Novofibre stand is an open space built with golden OSSB panels, creating a free, warm, and fresh atmosphere. A large number of visitors are attracted and linger for a long time, and expect to buy the products directly.

The open booth space allows visitors to enter and experience freely; it is mainly built with Novo Base Panel, while the floor is built with OSSB green color floor. Novofibre OSSB floor is available in a variety of colors for residential and commercial use. The other display samples, like bookcases, drawers, round tables, and chairs – are made by OSSB Deco panels. For most eye catching, there are two large ‘OSSB trees’ specially designed in ‘wheat straw shape’ and surrounded by plants, for the concept of ‘forest saving and environment sustainability’. The golden textured surfaces, green color floor, and flourish plants make you easily feel the embrace of nature.

The elaborately designed Novofibre stand inspires visitors’ curiosity – visitors touched the material by hand, smelt the nature of wheat straw, very anxiously asked staff for more products information. “I’d like to buy these sample furniture products right now ! ”Most of them said excitedly. One visitor, who is a decoration material dealer in North-east area (Mr.Wu) told the reporter: “Nowadays, more and more consumers consider environmental safety as their top priority when they buy panels. The Novofibre OSSB panels are made from natural wheat straws and have no formaldehyde release. This is exactly what I’m looking for on my trip to Beijing. I’d really love to take these beautiful products back to show them to my customers.”

“We feel very encouraged by the feedbacks for this kind of innovative product display, we are very happy that it is accepted and appreciated by the visitors. Novofibre will continue to use this display for the International Building Decoration Fair in Shanghai and Guangzhou in July,” said from Novofibre Marketing staff, “We hope the OSSB products with golden color, natural texture, and faint wheat small can make people in good experience, and call the interest in the products and applications in a more direct and vivid way. Novofibre OSSB panels combine all the advantages of particle board panels with high structural strength and very high load-bearing capability, and also, with the outstanding workability, NOVOFIBRE straw panels are the better alternatives to conventional panels in any situation.”

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