Production Principles

Our boards are made by mixing 100% natural high-quality wheat straw with formaldehyde free p-MDI adhesive through a continuous hot press process.

Novofibre panels were invented for a wide range of construction and decoration applications within the interior decoration, furniture and construction industries. The process of mechanical processing, oil mixing, pressed pattern and colour matching can be directly used within different markets: home/office furniture companies, floor industry, interior construction and decoration firms etc.

Production factors

Superior raw materials

Novofibre panels are the first natural, healthy and environment-friendly structural straw board based on 100% superior wheat straw; using formaldehyde-free adhesive (p-MDI). Wheat straw in particular has high fibre strength and is suitable to replace wood in sheet goods. 

Zero-formaldehyde adhesive P-MDI

The natural waxy surface of straw and its high ash content mean that traditional urea-formaldehyde resin adhesiveness not as effective as formaldehyde-free Isocyanate (P -MDI) adhesives. Novofibre OSSB adhesive comes from the world's leading MDI supplier.

Automated German engineering facilities

Using German technology and engineering, Novofibre’s production line is fully automated and maintains 24-hour continuous operation.

Unique production process

Novofibre panels are produced through a 3-part process of carefully selecting and preparing the wheat straws, adding the formaldehyde-free adhesive, and hot pressing the raw ingredients into a panel. Each step in this process is possible because of innovative, cutting-edge manufacturing technology.

Multiple Applications

Novofibre panels have a natural and unique look and feel. We produce a wide range of panels to different technical specifications, which can be applied in a variety of ways. 

  • Currently, Novofibre produces a range of panels that include, base sheets, sound-absorbing surfaces, flooring, plywood, and a range of decorative panels.
  • Novofibre panels come in a variety of colour combinations and textures, and are machined to accommodate everything from furniture to flooring to interior construction.



The Novofibre panel manufacturing process is monitored and tested from straw harvest all the way through to after-sales service to ensure that all our products are high quality and performance ready.

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