Production Procedure

OSSB panel manufacturing starts with careful selection of straw fibres, which are then cut, cleaned, split and dried. Formaldehyde free resin is added to the straw and the fibres are oriented for strength and appearance, and shaped into a mat through directional mat forming. The mat is then pressed between heated belts, water is vaporized, transferring heat into the straw. The heat cures the adhesive and causes a series of physical and chemical changes to the pressurized raw materials, which harden the final product.

Our Guarantees

Materials Management

Novofibre guarantees the quality of all our products. We strictly control the wheat straw quality, particularly the impurity content, dimension, shape, color and moisture content of all our panels. All our panels meet strict manufacturing regulations for raw ingredient screening, manufacturing, packaging, transport and storage.

Strict Quality Control Systems

Novofibre rigorously tests each batch of panels to ensure that our products comply with the world’s leading international emissions and quality standards, including the European CE standard and Japanese F4 star standard.


Novofibre pioneered a first-class logistics and warehousing system from which all our products are shipped. The entire logistics process from warehousing to distribution is strictly managed to ensure that every Novofibre panel arrives in perfect condition to the end user.

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