Product profile

NOVOFIBRE Floor with tongue and groove are cut with a high accuracy to ensure an even flooring. Surfaces can be treated with quality coating in gloss or matte finish. Novofibre Floor is comfortable to walk on, and offers excellent abrasion and water resistance. 

Product features

  • Scratch resistant
  • High durability
  • Warp resistant
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
  • Made with formaldehyde-free adhesives
  • Zero chemical and harmful gas emissions
  • High-quality raw materials

Product size

Thickness: 15 mm
Width: 190 mm
Length: 1200 mm


  • Hotels, resorts and club houses
  • Residential
  • Nurseries and schools
  • Workplaces (offices and meeting rooms)


Thickness mm 15
Formaldehyde emission  mg/L  ≤0.3 
Total Volatile Organic Compound (TVOC) emission (72h) mg/㎡. h ≤0.5 
Heat conduction efficiency ℃/h  ≥8 
Modulus of rupture (MOR)  MPa  if the thickness≤12mm,≥25
if the thickness >12mm,≥20 
Internal bonding strength  MPa  ≥0.45 
Thickness expansion rate of water absorption  ≤15 
Paint film adhesion  Grade  2
Paint film hardness  - ≥2H 
Color fastness to light  Grade  ≥4th grade (gray scale) 
Paint film surface abrasion resistance  g/100r  ≤0.15, the film is not worn out 
Dimensional stability  mm  ≤0.9 

Formaldehyde is classified as a carcinogen by the World Health Organization (WHO) and ranks second on the List of Toxic Chemicals under Priority Control in China. Most indoor formaldehyde comes from man-made panel boards. Many countries have placed formaldehyde off-gassing restriction on man-made panel boards. The F★★★★ Standard from Japan has the strictest regulations*. NOVOFIBRE has received formaldehyde-free certification through Japan’s F★★★★ certification program for its products.

*In accordance with F★★★★ standards, the tested formaldehyde content should not be higher than 0.3mg/L (0.5mg/L under E0 Standards).

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  • Nature
  • Milk 01
  • Red Sky 10
  • Chocolate 07


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